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       Kevin Surveying in Antarctica 1992
       Professional Surveyor
       Architectural and Draughting Services
       Boundary Redefinitions
       Case Studies
       Covenant and Environmental Surveys
       Engineering Survey
       GPS Surveying
       Kevin Survey School
       Seismic Surveying Wairoa
       Topographic Site Surveys
       Trig Maintenance
       Types of Survey Marks
       Boundary Locations & Redefinitions
       Covenant Surveys
       Easement Survey
       Farm Maps + Digital GIS Data Integration
       GPS Surveys
       Maori Land Partition and Occupation Surveys
       Resource Consents for Subdivisions and Property Development
       Seismic Surveys
       Set-outs for Vineyards, Orchards and Canopys
       Subdivisions and Property Development
       Suvey Services
       Topographic, Site and 3D Survey + GIS Data Integration