Professional Surveying

  • Subdivisions - Rural, Lifestyle and Urban Property Development Projects
  • Resource Consent Applications for Proposed Subdivisions
  • Boundary Locations and Redefinitions
  • Topographic and Site Surveys
  • Maori Land Partition and Occupation Surveys
  • Engineering, Building and Construction Set-outs and "As Built" Surveys
  • GPS Surveys
  • Easement Surveys -  for rights to convey electricity, telecommunication and computer media, gas, water as well as the right to drain sewage and stormwater. 
  • Land Covenant Surveys - including (QEII) National Trust
  • Vineyards and Canopy Set-outs
  • Seismic Surveys

In addition to our Surveying and Land Development Services we can provide:

Related Services

  • Resource Consent Applications Preparation and Advice for Proposed Subdivisions
  • Project Management Services with meeting Resource Consent Conditions
  • Concept Plan Drawings for Development Proposals
  • Engineering Design of Sewer and Stormwater Systems
  • Roading Design
  • Digital Farm Maps
  • Computer Freehold Register Searches


 We will professionally work with you through each step to maximise

 the value and sustainability of your property and investment.