Covenant and Environmental Surveys

Survey Gisborne Limited has undertaken numerous covenant surveys that protect areas of environmental significance.

Areas surveyed for covenants protect a range of values and features such as native bush, wetlands, dunelands, archaeological sites, marine reserve, or habitat for rare or threatened native species.

Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve

A survey was undertaken by Survey Gisborne Limited to define the extent of the Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve on behalf of the Department of Conservation in 1999.

Part of the survey was to prepare a survey plan that would allow the marine reserve to be gazetted.

Survey Gisborne Limited was also involved in setting out the marker posts on the foreshore that defines the northern and southern boundaries of the reserve. An attempt was even made to set out two buoys at sea to mark the eastern boundary point.

The survey work also included extensive searching of old historical survey data to determine the position of mean high water mark along the coastline.

The Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve is a short scenic drive along the State Highway 35 to the north of Gisborne City. It is situated between the Pouawa River and Waiomoko River, Whangara.

Te Tapuwaie o Rongokako Marine Reserve is a very popular area to visit, to enjoy a picne, exploring on the reefs at low tide and snorkelling.

QEII National Trust Covenants

Survey Gisborne Limited has undertaken numerous covenant surveys for the QEII National Trust.

The QEII National Trust partners with private landowners to help them protect special features on their land with open space covenants. Covenanting with the National Trust is voluntary (unless it is a condition under the Resource Management Act or the Overseas Investment Act). Landowners continue to own and manage the land that has covenanted with the National Trust.

Visit the National Trust's website for more information or to get the contract details of a local QEII representative.

Normally Survey Gisborne Limited will receive instructions directly from the QEII National Trust to undertake a covenant survey. Staff from Survey Gisborne Limited will then visit the site and fix the proposed covenant boundaries, generally using our GPS survey equipment. Survey plans are then prepared which are used to register these covenants on the Computer Freehold Registers.

Over 90% of the land covenant surveys performed by Survey Gisborne Limited for the QEII National Trust have been to protect areas of native bush.
Young Nick's Head Station

Young Nick's Head Station is a large QEII National Trust covenant surveyed by our company in 2002.

Te Hoe Whaling Station, Mahia

Survey Gisborne Limited was engaged by the QEII National Trust to carry out the survey component in establishing this land covenant at Te Hoe Whaling Station, Mahia

Little is known about the history of the Te Hoe Whaling Station on the Mahia Peninsula.

Young Nick's Head / Te Kuri a Paoa Historic Reserve

A survey was required to set out a strip of land along the cliff face as a "historic reserve" and transfer into the ownership of the Department of Conservation as a result of that land having been sold to an overseas buyer which was subject to the Overseas Commission.

Waiotahi Estuary

During 2009 Survey Gisborne Limited was chosen to carry out a survey of the Waiotahi Estuary in order to facilitate an acquisition into the Department of Conservation to preserve the areas significant ecological value.

Undertaken pursuant to the Reserves Act 1977 the underlying purpose of this survey was to define and separate the area of ecological significance from the adjoining dairy farming pasture area.

Here at Survey Gisborne Limited we are very proud to have helped facititate the conservation of such an interesting, diverse and picturesque natural habitat along the coastline area just north from Opotiki in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.