Engineering Survey Projects

Construction - Wallace Development, corner of Grey Street and Palmerston Road, Gisborne

The very first "timber piles intension test" in New Zealand was successfully completed in Gisborne by Survey Gisborne Limited during late February and early March 2015 for Wallace Development Limited and Stead Construction Limited at the former "Fireman’s Flats" on the corner of Palmerston Road and Grey Street.

Our services were engaged by David Bishop of Geoff Kell Consulting Limited on behalf of the above companies to undertake timber pile testing at the former "Firemans Flats" site using our Ni002 Precise Level which measures to an accuracy 0.2 millimetre or 0.0002 metre.

The photos show Kevin Taylor, our registered surveyor and owner of Survey Gisborne Limited, with David Bishop, Civil Engineer from Geoff Kell Consulting Limited and Peter Carlyle of Opus International Consultants Limited.

Photos show Kevin Taylor undertaking precise levelling for the pile cap. More photos of this project are located on our Facebook page.

During the testing phase staff from Land Development & Exploration in Gisborne and other interested parties were invited to observe. This was the first test of its kind using timber piles in New Zealand.
Ryman Health Development – Settlement Plate Monitoring Survey

Kiri Te Kanewa Retirement Village is situated in Gwyneth Place, Lytton West, Gisborne.

Initially the land required for constructing the Ryman Health complex was purchased during the development of the "Copperfield Subdivision" undertaken by Survey Gisborne Limited.

Geotechnical requirements for significant sized building such as the Ryman Healthcare Retirement Complex required specialised foundation compaction testing and survey monitoring. Compaction testing is critical in areas subject to liquefaction risk when any building platform is being established.

Areas of land in Gisborne that pose liquefaction risk require specialised Geotechnical testing. Survey Gisborne Limited was engaged to carry out “Settlement Plate Monitoring” as part of compaction testing at site of the then proposed Ryman Healthcare Retirement Complex on behalf on Land Development & Exploration Limited.

As development of new villas progress and are added to Kiri Te Kanewa Retirement Village the professional services of Survey Gisborne Limited continue for "Building Set Outs" and As Builts" components of this project.

The village is surrounding by homes that form part of the residential area all situated within the "Copperfield Subdivision" designed.

If you have land to develop in Gisborne give Survey Gisborne Limited a call and engage our professional services.

Road Surveys

Survey Gisborne Limited has just completed an engineering survey for Fulton Hogan involving a 1 kilometre stretch of road that required levels taken before road works and resealing of the surface. The survey determined the profile of the existing centreline. The survey was undertaken using a NAK2 level. Data reductions were then completed back in the office.

A longitudinal section plan was then compiled showing the gradual rise and falls of the road.

The second stage of this project involved a further levelling run when road resealing was completed. The levelling "as-built" data is used to compare the two surveys and to ensure the works carried out complies with Local Body standards.

It is important that roads are constructed, maintain and resealed at the correct heights standards in order not to compromise water flowing or backlogging on flood plans.