GPS Surveying

Canopy Setouts

In July 2014, Riversun Nurseries, a leading New Zealand supplier of grafted grapevines to many of the country’s top vineyards, engaged Survey Gisborne Limited to set out overhead canopies designed to protect young vines from the devastating effects of hail and frosts.  Our land surveyor worked closely with the client to determine, calculate and accurately set out posts for the overhead canopy, using our GPS (Global Positioning System) survey equipment. 

Vineyard Setouts

Over the years Survey Gisborne Limited has been engaged by land owners and contractors to set out positions for establishment of posts for new vineyards.  These post positions were set out using our GPS survey equipment at specified distances which eliminated errors that commonly occurred when using tape measurements.   

Topographic / Site Surveys

Where possible Survey Gisborne Limited utilises GPS survey equipment to collect topographic data for topographic / site surveys.  A recent example was when staff from Survey Gisborne Limited was required to collect data on the wharves for Eastland Port Limited to enable those wharves to be redesigned as part of a project to upgrade the wharf facilities.