Land Development and Subdivision Surveys

Completing Land Development and Subdivision Projects

Since 1992 the team at Survey Gisborne Limited has completed many different types of land development and subdivision projects for our valued clients. As part of the process we have provided resource management consultation advice and preperation, project management and other related services, in obtaining subdivision and “land use” consents.  Resource consent is required to subdivide prior to any work being undertaken.  

Only a registered licensed cadastral surveyor can subdivide land and determine legal boundaries.  It is important to check that any professional engaged to undertake land development and subdivision have the required experience and credentials. 

The photographs slideshow at the bottom of this page and case studies below provide some examples and insight into projects our survey company have undertaken.

If you are considering a land development and subdivision project now, or in the future, look no further and contact the team at Survey Gisborne Limited.

"Infill" Subdivisions

"Infill" subdivisions have been encouraged in the Gisborne Region by the local territory council in more recent years.

This type of subdivison is ideal for smaller or moderate sized properties that often have an existing dwelling on the property but with enough room to further subdivide and build additional dwellings.   

We have helped many satisfied clients complete "infill" subdivsions.  The very first step we assist with is to check on the size requirements and zoning under the Tairawhiti Resource Management Plan along with other factors to come up with the best layout and outcome achieveable on any given proposal.   

Residential “Greenfield” Developments

Survey Gisborne Limited has undertaken a number if “Greenfield” developments.

Two examples are “Copperfields” and “Sterling Park” in Lytton West, Gisborne.  Presently we have a new 23 lot subdivision coming up for development in which we have obtained resource consent for. 

The aerial photograph in the photo slideshow below overlooks a vacant area of land in Lytton West, Gisborne.  This was taken prior to the completion of a land development project known as “Copperfields”. As other photographs show that the area is now almost fully developed.  Survey Gisborne Limited was also involved with the building set outs of Ryman Health Development project.

A photograph of a nearby subdivision project in “Sterling Park” was also completed by Survey Gisborne Limited.

The overall developments for these large scale subdivisions involve different stages and components. As professional surveyors and resource management consultants we have assisted clients successfully in completing many different land development and subdivsion projects from start to finish.

The first stage involved the preparation of concept plans and soil analysis assessments to address the stability of the land for development.

The plan proposals show the overall design of the proposed subdivision and the layout of all new allotments. Additional information included engineering designs for the construction of new infrastructure such as roads and utility services for water, sewage, electricity and so forth. The information was prepared and collated in order to support the resource consent application.

Once resource consent was obtained for the "Greenfield" developments this allowed the process to begin for the vacant land for the local authority to be developed.

There are many different types of land developments and subdivisions large and small, which Survey Gisborne Limited has undertaken and when required both project managed.

Taruheru Block - One Subdivision Too Many - The Masemanns Challenge

The "Taruheru Block" which is located on the north-western outskirts of Gisborne City is currently zoned "residential". This block currently requires the implementation of future services such as water, sewage and road infrastructure. Survey Gisborne Limited has recently been successful in completing a number of subdivisions for clients in the area.

During the latter half of 2014, Survey Gisborne Limited was involved in subdividing a property for a client where they wished to provide an additional residential allotment for one of their children to build on. This survey project proved to be a much bigger challenge than anticipated. Difficulties arose with the resource consent process in respect to the interpretation of the permitted activities allowed within the "Taruheru Block" and the lack of several vital infrastructures. After a lengthy process, Survey Gisborne Limited was successful in obtaining resource consent (subdivision) on behalf of the Masemanns by Christmas 2014.

It should be noted that the planner at the Gisborne District Council stated that the proposed subdivision was considered - one subdivision too many in that area at that time.

Subdivision Process

The flowchart provides clients a general overview of the subdivision process. 

The information provided covers the various stages of the subdivision process from the time we collate all the information required and prepare the resource consent application. From here the legal surveying is untaken and consent notices signed off before the final step in which a solicitor will look after the legal aspect of new Computer Freehold Registers.

Gisborne Subdivision Process Click

Amendments to the Resource Management Act and the introduction of National Environment Standards have placed more emphasis on information and assessments being provided up front to support Resource Consent (Subdivision) applications.  Our team will assist our clients by preparing the required Resource Consent (Subdivision) application as well as attend any pre application meetings if needed and provide assistance with obtaining any other professionals assessment.  We work together with all our clients through the whole process from start to finish to achieve the desired outcome needed.  Most often than outcome is to have new computer freehold registers / certifcate of titles issued.    

Contact the friendly team at Survey Gisborne Limited and we will provide the professional services required as we have for all our clients.