Topographic / Site Surveys

Cellphone Tower Site Survey

Survey Gisborne Limited was engaged by Easdale Surveyors Limited of Auckland to carry out a site survey to assist in completing a project in the Gisborne region. The site surveyed involved an area containing two repeater towers that are owned and serviced by a telecommunication company.

A digital file was created which included data such as topographical fixes for road access and the compound area, along with information on the legal cadastral boundaries.

The area located will give the telecommunication company legal access to and from the property to enable them to undertake maintenance on the repeater towers. The survey was conducted by using our GPS (Global Positioning System) survey equipment by fixing the physical features as requested by the client.

We have been engaged to carry out similar surveys by other companies for similar projects throughout the Gisborne and East Coast region. It has been proved to be more economical to use the services of a local survey firm such as Survey Gisborne Limited who have years of experience and local knowledge within the Tairawhiti region.

Building Site / Topographic Survey - Iconic Gisborne Hotel

Survey Gisborne Limited was contacted in 2014 by an architectural firm based in Auckland to carry out a topographical survey of the iconic “Gisborne Hotel” located in the Kaiti suburb of Gisborne City.

The requirements for the survey project were to locate all the existing features such as existing building footprints, floor levels, fence lines, kerb and channels, as well as other service utilities. The survey was conducted using a Topcon Total Station unit to accurately fix these features, as well as obtaining heights.

The topographical survey data collected for architects assists them in designing a rebuild based on the existing building footprint.