Professional Surveyor

Kevin Taylor – As a Registered Professional Surveyor and a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor, Kevin is a member of the Consulting Surveyors of NZ and the NZ Institute of Surveyors. He is currently the branch chairman for Gisborne.  He is also a member of the Royal Society of NZ. 

Registered Professional Surveyor status is awarded at the NZ Institute of Surveyors Council’s discretion to a member who:

  • Is academically qualified
  • Is competent in spatial measurements and three other surveying related disciplines
  • Has advanced competence in some recognized areas of surveying
  • Is committed to the maintenance and enhancement of on-going competence
  • Is committed to work with integrity and a high degree of professionalism and ethical behaviour

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As a Registered Professional Surveyor, Kevin will bring this unique blend of creativity, lateral thinking and knowledge of the locality, systems and procedures to your surveying projects. 

Kevin and his team will help you to:

  • Optimise your property development
  • Save time gaining Resource Consents for subdivisions
  • Increase the saleability of your property
  • Manage your land development project through all stages
  • Avoid potential disputes arising by defining legal boundary positions 
  • Provide assistance with settling any contested survey boundary disputes

When it concerns the lie or the law of the land, call a Registered Professional Surveyor.

We will professionally work with you through each step
to maximise the value and sustainablity of your property and investment.