Farm Mapping 

Most all farm mapping requirements these days are digitally based and the team at Survey Gisborne Limited offers this service.

Survey Gisborne Limited can easily compile drawings for farm management software including GIS packages and databases to generate friendly tools relevant to client farming mapping and farm management needs. We can easily supply digital data for GIS integration, from Raster to Vector formats.

By using a registered survey company to prepare farm maps data you can be more confident with establishing accurately fixed key boundary positions with adjoining farms and stations. Our surveyor will be able to provide further information about the degree of accuracy specific to your property.

Survey Gisborne Limited has a long history in providing farm maps to the farming community. We have also retained files and records on past farm mapping projects undertaken on many farms and stations for at least 25 years. These records have proved be a useful starting point when establishing paddock names and other features for clients now wanting to make the move to modern digital packages.

The different styles, file formats and sizes of farm map available enable more ease of planning and management of day to day farming operations.

Simply tell us your farm mapping needs and our professional term will help manage the rest.

Contact our Survey Gisborne Team for more details....