Boundary Location and Redefinitions

The professional team at Survey Gisborne Limited can undertake "boundary redefinition" surveys for clients to locate and/or re-establish boundary positions or pegs.  Generally a "boundary redefinition" survey is undertaken to avoid, or resolve, any potential legal boundary disputes.

Avoid Encroachment on Construction and Building Sites

There are many legitimate reasons to establish, or confirm, the correct position of legal boundaries before commencing any construction or building work on a property.  This is especially relevant when any construction or building work is undertaken close to, or on, a legal boundary.  A "boundary redefinition" survey can only be carried out by a professional surveyor who holds the required qualifications.

In the past Survey Gisborne Limited has seen cases whereby a part of a house, or other structure, has been found to encroach on to an adjoining property, or road reserve.  In one such case a house was built whereby the builder relied on an aerial photograph which only showed an indicative legal boundary.  Later investigation by a professional surveyor showed the house to be encroaching over the boundary by a considerable distance.

By engaging a professional surveyor to define or mark out the legal boundaries, this would avoid any potential problems with siting of a new building, or structure, and that that building, or structure, is laid out at the correct yard distance to comply with the local authority's District Plan.

Boundary Fences

When planning to replace or erect a new fence, or structure, along a legal boundary between two properties, it is highly recommended that a professional surveyor is engaged to establish the correct legal boundary alignment in order to avoid, or resolve, any potential neighbourly disputes.  This is more critical in a residential, commercial or industrial situation.

Even building a fence these days is expensive so it is important to make sure that your investment is erected in the correct location in the first instance.

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