Gisborne Region Covenant Surveys

The team at Survey Gisborne can undertake a full range of covenant surveys to protect land for conservation, historical, culture and other reasons.

A land covenant is a provision registered on the Certificate of Title to a piece of land which limits or restricts the owner and future owners in respect of the use of that piece of land.  A covenant is a promise which creates a legal obligation by someone to do, or not to do something in respect of that land.  The extent of the covenant may require survey to be undertaken. 

QEII Covenant Survey Gisborne

Covenants for Environmentally Significant Land

If you have a special area of environmentally significant land, such as native bush, wetland or coastline, that you would like to permanently protect for future generations there are a number of options available.  One method is establishing an "open space" covenant with the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust (QEII).    There are many benefits which include contributions towards surveying and fencing costs.  A further benefit relates to many local authorities not applying rates to "open space" covenants.  For further information we suggest contacting a local Regional Representive of the National Trust to discuss your proposal.    

Our professional team of surveyors can assist in preparing a survey plan that can be used for any proposals and registration requirements. 

For more information on other types of covenants surveys please contact the team at Survey Gisborne Limited to discuss covenant survey proposal further. 

QEII Native Bush & Waterfall Covenant Gisborne