Maori Land Partition and Occupation Surveys

Our survey services include Maori Land Partitions and Occupation surveys.

There is a formal process to follow with the Maori Land Court found on their website.

Survey Gisborne Limited can assist with the application process with regard to providing consultation with respect to survey related matters and compiling a “Sketch Plan” or “Plan Proposal” to support an application for a partition to separate out owners shares in new land titles.

When we prepare a plan it will show the information required by the Maori Land Court including:
The area to be partition out. The locality of the partition to the whole block including any river, lake and seashore boundaries. The position of any easements including roadway required for legal access.

Survey Gisborne Limited can provide a current Certificate of Title (Computer Freehold Register) which is also required as a supporting document.

Survey Gisborne Limited can also provide a report providing an overview of survey work required. A report is useful for consultation with trustees and other key parties.

Prior to any services been undertaken a client engagement form is required to be completed. An estimate can be provided.

Contact the Survey Gisborne Team for more details....