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Take a look at our range of surveying and related services below or simply give us a call and we will help determine the requirements for your next project.

Remember only Licensed Cadastral Surveyors can perform legal surveys that include subdividing and determining property boundaries.


There are many different types of subdivision developments that we undertake from small infills to large green fields.  Find out more about the different types and the subdivision process below.  Need to know more or require a no obligation estimate please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Planning & Resource Consent Applications

Our services include expert planning advice and years of experience in the preparation of resource consents (subdivision) applications.

We will liaison with our clients and Territory Authorities (Councils) on matters regarding district plans requirements and the Resource Management Act 1991.

In order to subdivide a resource consent (subdivision) first needs to be applied for and obtained in the first instance.

Land Surveys (other than subdivisions)

Only a registered Licensed Cadastral Surveyor can legally determine the location and positions legal boundaries.

Our legal land surveying services also include Maori land, covenants and easements.

In addition to undertaking surveys using conventional surveying equipment and methods we also offer other modern methods including GPS that are useful for various projects including horticulture and agriculture surveys as well as set-outs.

Engineering, Land Development, Site Surveys & Set-Outs

Survey Gisborne Limited’s engineering services cover a varied range applicable to engineering infrastructure, subdivision design, site surveys and set-outs that are undertaken by our team of professional surveyors.

We can also liaison with contractors and the Territory Authorities (Councils) as part of our project management services. We can assist with compiling “as-built” plans of any completed work if required for subdivisions and other types of infrastructure development.

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