GPS Surveys

GPS surveying is a very proficient tool used by professional land surveyors for undertaking large topographic surveys or on subdivision projects where there is good open sky visibility to satellites. When used correctly real time kinematic (RTK) GPS surveying can obtain accuracy to a few centimetres.

Other applications where our GPS equipment can be cost-effective include identifying legal boundary positions, earthworks modelling, stockpile calculations and the setting out of orchards and vineyards.

GPS surveying also provides an independent check on our conventional surveying methods and is particularly useful on large rural subdivisions. The use of GPS provides more robust control networks that our professional land surveyors can use to more accurately determine any legal boundary positions or any other nominated positions.

To find out more about GPS surveying and our professional services, contact our team at Survey Gisborne Limited.

GPS can be very effective for:
  • Topographic / site plans
  • Earthwork volume calculations
  • Large rural subdivisions
  • Boundary locations and redefinitions
  • Vineyard, orchard and canopy set-outs