The Subdivision Process

This flowchart provides clients a general overview of the subdivision process.

The information provided covers the various stages of the subdivision process from the time we collate all the information required to prepare and lodge a resource consent (subdivision) application with a territorial authority to lodgement of the final survey plans with Land Information NZ.

As part of the process, we can assist our clients with the preparation of the required resource consent (subdivision) application, as well as attending any pre-application meetings with the territorial authority that may be needed, and to provide assistance with engaging other professional personnel if required.

Amendments to the Resource Management Act 1991 and the introduction of the National Environment Standards during the last five years have placed more emphasis on information and assessments being provided up front to support any resource consent (subdivision) applications.

We will work closely with our clients throughout the whole process from start to finish in order to reach the desired outcome to complete the subdivision process and to enable the client’s solicitor to undertake the legal component so that new Records of Title (formerly known as Computer Freehold Registers) can be issued.

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