Easement Surveys

Often easements are created as part of a subdivision on property development project.

Easements are generally created and registered on a Record of Title for a property where an adjoining property has the right over that property for a specific purpose and are legally binding. Often easements are created as part of a subdivision of a property, however specific easements can be shown on a survey plan.

Easements are usually established for the following reasons:

  • Rights of way
  • Right to convey electricity
  • Right to convey telecommunication
  • Right to convey water
  • Right to convey gas
  • Right to drain sewage
  • Right to drain water (stormwater)

Easements that are required for a specific purpose, and are not part of a subdivision, generally do not require any input from the territorial authority. The only exception is that for rights of way where approval, pursuant to Section 348 of the Local Government Act 1974, are required from the territorial authority.

Over the years Survey Gisborne Limited has undertaken a variety of easement surveys for clients. Any easements surveyed and shown on a survey plan also need to be registered on a Record of Title by a solicitor.

If you have any questions regarding easements, please contact the team of professional surveyors at Survey Gisborne Limited.