Earthworks Volume Calculations

The professional surveyors at Survey Gisborne Limited have the skills and expertise to measure the volumes of earthworks to the required accuracy. Accurately determining earthwork volumes can save you money. A typical type of project undertaken by Survey Gisborne Limited have been to measure both earth and metal stockpiles.


To achieve the best results, it is preferable to undertake a survey of the area to be used for stockpiling prior to any materials being stockpiled. This will enable a profile of the base ground to be determined. Later once the stockpile has been completed, a second survey is undertaken which involves fixing the toe of that stockpile and a series of spot heights on the stockpile itself.

The professional surveyors at Survey Gisborne Limited usually use specialised GPS equipment to undertake this type of survey.

Once the survey data collected in the field has been downloaded into our specialised survey software, three dimensional images can then be created. Using these three dimensional images the volumes of the stockpiles can then be determined.

In some instances clients require repeat measurements of these stockpiles at regular intervals.


Volumes of excavated sites can also be undertaken by the professional surveyors at Survey Gisborne Limited. The process to do this is similar to that described for stockpile measurements.

Feel free to contact Survey Gisborne Limited with any enquiries regarding stockpile measurements and excavations.