Professional Advice & Feasibility Studies

Staff at Survey Gisborne Limited are happy to provide consultation regarding a range of land surveying projects. There is no charge for picking up the telephone for an initial chat, arranging a meeting in this office or sending us a quick e-mail. Initial consultations are free and enable us to establish the full extent of your surveying requirements.

Professional advice can be provided on a wide range of land surveying services. The common areas that we deal with relate to boundary redefinitions and subdivision of land. Every survey related project differs and it is important for our professional surveyors to understand the outcome of what the client wishes to ultimately achieve.

Of particular importance to clients wishing to subdivide and to potential land developers is the process that is required to be followed when subdividing, as well as the potential costs involved through the different stages. Such considerations are as follows:

  • Obtaining any required assessments from other respective professionals.
  • Preparation of resource consents for subdivisions and land-use.
  • Consideration of any infrastructure requirements, both existing and proposed.
  • Carrying out the surveying component.
  • Development contribution payable to the territorial authority for the creation of each new additional allotment.
  • Statutory fees required by territorial authorities and Land Information NZ.
  • Legal component at the final stages of subdividing involving the issue of new Records of Title (formerly known as Computer Freehold Registers).

Depending on the size and location of a proposed subdivision or development, a feasibility report may be helpful. A feasibility report is a useful tool that can highlight any complex issues that needs further or more in-depth consideration specific to that proposed subdivision or development. It also enables the viability of a subdivision or development proposal to be more comprehensively investigated and considered.

We may not always be able to provide costs for certain non-surveying related services that are outside our field of professional expertise however we are able to assist with advice on the options and other professionals available.

Staff at Survey Gisborne Limited are experienced in the planning and surveying aspects of subdividing. We will be able to assist you in reaching an informed decision regarding your proposal for subdividing or development, at an early stage.