Topographic Surveys & Site Plans

There are many different reasons why a topographic / site survey could be needed for a property. For example:

  • An architect may require detailed topographic information to assist with the design of a new structure (ie. building) or to enable an extension to an existing structure to be designed.
  • Land and property developers may require detailed information on any existing infrastructures and ground formations so that the property can be designed and developed accordingly.

The professional survey team at Survey Gisborne Limited has the expertise required and the right survey equipment to undertake this type of work to accurately measure and fix the various features and data required for any topographic / site surveys.

Information collected in the field may include the edge of road and driveway formations, fence lines, retaining walls, drainage, service reticulations, as well as a series of spot heights over the land.

Using the information collected in the field, topographic / site plans and digital models can then be prepared using specialised software such as AutoCad that shows these features and also contours at specified intervals, if required. Topographic / site plans are generally provided in “pdf” format, whilst digital models are usually provided in .dwg format. The latter format is useful for architects as they can download this type of file into their own specialised software.

Topographic / site plans can also show the legal boundaries for the property being surveyed which can be coordinated accurately by the professional surveyors. As a result, the relationship of various structures (ie. fence posts) can be determined to the legal boundaries. Using the information provided, clients can also determine if any existing structural encroachments have occurred.

Any legal boundary positions for the property being surveyed can be determined in the field whilst undertaking a topographic / site survey – refer to the section on Boundary Location Surveys.

Topographic information collected in the field can also be used to determine the extent of any earthworks required when developing the property. A digital model can be prepared showing the situation prior to any earthworks being undertaken and an “as built” model on completion of those works – refer to Earthwork Volume Calculations.

Contact the professional survey team at Survey Gisborne Limited to discuss the scope of services required for your project.